I’m Jane.  Welcome to my site.  

Music has always been an important part of my life.  I started playing the recorder in 2nd grade, begged my mom for piano lessons in 3rd, joined the band in 4th and have never been without a song in my heart, head and fingers since.

After laying a strong foundation in classical music by earning a Bachelor of Music degree, I expanded my musical life by exploring jazz and playing folk music out in the real world.  I’ve learned to play ten different musical instruments.  While working in business and talent development careers, I enjoyed a parallel part-time career as a professional musician, as well as just playing and singing with friends and family.

I’ve played many musical roles – from formally-taught to self-taught music student, to performer, teacher, arranger, accompanist, ensemble member, music spouse and parent.  I’ve picked up musical ideas by hanging around conservatory students, church musicians, folkies, jazz cats, opera buffs, Suzuki music teachers, composers and song-writers.  I take in used instruments and give them a good home as others might take in stray cats.

I’m grateful to my many wonderful musical role models and teachers, as well as my parents, who not only were loving caretakers and good role models, but paid for all of those piano and voice lessons – even when I didn’t practice.

I hope you enjoy exploring the site.

If you’re interested in more information, check out the 145-page paperback version or the Kindle version of Music Beginners Guide (or click here for a 125-page digital pdf download). These provide a wealth of additional information, including listening suggestions, recommended resources, folk instrument choices, tips on establishing motivating musical goals, practicing, performing, and musical parenting.