Voice Lessons: The Basics

As in all forms of music, singers must learn to be good musicians – to be able to listen and reproduce pitches and tones accurately, to read music, and to blend appropriately with other singers.

Additionally, there are five main elements singers work on:

Breathing: Breath is the foundation of singing. To produce good sound and develop vocal stamina, singers learn to breath and control their breath using the diaphragm and abdominal muscles.
Relaxation: To produce a free flowing sound, all tension must be released in the neck, throat and jaw areas.


Vowels: Singing is a flow of vowels connected with consonants. Singers learn to form and adjust vowels to produce the best sound in different parts of their vocal range.

Resonance and Vocal Techniques: Singer learn techniques that allow them to project their sound. They learn other techniques, such as “vibrato” or contemporary techniques, depending on the type of music they are singing and the “sound” they want to produce.

Expression: Singers work on developing their musicality and ability to “deliver” a song. This involves many elements, including conveying the meaning of the words, timing, stage presence and gestures, musical and individual style.