Voice Teachers

Finding the right voice teacher can be a little trickier than finding other types of music teachers. Singing is simply more personal and the teaching of singing is more subjective, because vocal production isn’t visible. A teacher can’t physically adjust the student’s vocal production, but instead has to work through techniques such as modeling, explanation, examples, description and experimentation.

When looking for a voice teacher, start with the suggestions on Choosing A Teacher and How To Find A Music Teacher.  Then, in addition to the general considerations for finding a music teacher, consider particularly the following:

  • Training: What training have they had in vocal pedagogy – that is, teaching voice? It is one thing to have a good voice and to sing well oneself, but understanding vocal production and being able to teach vocal technique is a separate and crucial element.
  • Style and Repertoire: What style of singing do they teach? Which type of music do they know best?
  • Communication and Fit: Because vocal technique is intangible and singing style is more individual, it’s particularly important to have a good teacher-student fit.
  • Results: If you can, listen to several of the teacher’s students. There is often a “sound” the teacher works toward. Do you like that “sound”? Watch out for danger signs, such as tension or vocal damage from too much harsh use of the vocal cords.